Here are some pics from the newest course – Mountains of Knowledge. Alhumdulillah, registrations are still coming in and the total number of students is almost reaching the one-hundred mark. May Allah subhanahu wata ‘ala make this free course greatly beneficial to all who attend and may He keep them steadfast in practising upon the practical hadeeth studied in this course. Aameen. For those who haven’t attended, it’s not too late! Just look at what you’re missing out on …

(coming soon)

About Us

Deen Class is an educational organisation which runs ongoing classes and courses in the Durban area, South Africa. We currently run courses in Fiqh, Tafseer and Arabic, as well as other evening courses on miscellaneus topics.

Our classes are mostly for adults and teens and are very interactive and are set in a relaxed environment. All classes cater for males and females, with separation. All tutors are qualified in their specific fields, who have either studied abroad, or had extensive experience in the subject which they teach.