Guiding Light : Explanation of the Concise Seerah

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Explanation of Imam al-Maqdisi’s Mukhtasar Seerah an-Nabi SalalahuAlayhiWasam

Hajj Competition 2011

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Committee for Dawah in Africa "Family of the Prophet (saw), Companions and Imams of Islam" Competition 2011 Under the auspices of the Religious Attaché of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Pretoria in association with Cii Youth Foundation, DeenClass and the Muslim Judicial Council of South Africa. Download english entry form here Note: English entry forms downloaded prior to 27/05/2011 have discrepancies so kindly use the above english forms Download Arabic forms here Page 1 Page 2 1ST & 2nd PRIZE ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP FOR HAJJ 1432h 3RD & 4th PRIZE LAPTOP COMPUTER 5TH, 6th & 7th PRIZE ELECTRONIC QURAAN 8TH, 9th & 10th PRIZE CELL PHONE CONDITIONS OF THE COMPETITION 1. Entry is for both male and female not younger than 20 years old. 2. The correct answer is to be selected by placing a tick (√) in the specified area. 3. Entry forms must be submitted to the respective collection point in each country by no later than 01 August 2011. 4. All contestants must write their name in ENGLISH as officially noted in their Travel Document and/ or Identity registration. 5. Entries can be submitted in Arabic, English or French. 6. The Prophet SAW has prohibited cheating. We thus implore that all forms of deceit by contestants are not used. 7. Only one (1) entry per person is allowed. If additional entries are made by the same person he or she will be disqualified. 8. Research for answers and completion of the entry form must be completed by each individual, separately. 9. In the event of a person/s completing forms on the behalf of others, ALL involved entries will be disqualified. 10. Further conditions apply for Winner 1 & 2 (Hajj Winners): • Winner 1 & 2 must have High School (Matric) qualification. Proof of such qualification will be required. • In the event of a female winning, she will be entitled to select a Mahram to accompany her. • Winner 1 & 2 must be in possession of legal residence or citizenship in the country of participation. • Winner 1 & 2 must be able to produce valid travel Documents (permanent passport – no temporary travel documents acceptable)) with no less than 6 months validity. • Winner 1 & 2 is subject to Visa regulations required for entry in Saudi Arabia. • Winner 1 & 2 must be free from severe illness and/ or disability. • Failure to abide by any of the above-mentioned conditions will lead to the Winner 1 & 2 being granted a substitute prize in accordance with the Judges discretion. • Winner 1 & 2 must not have won the Hajj prize in any of the previous competitions. 11. The Judges decision is final. No correspondence disputing any of the procedures will be allowed. Prizes are as mentioned and no monetary substitute may be claimed whatsoever. Prizes are not transferable. COMPETITION CLOSING DATE 01 August 2011 COLLECTION POINTS Postal Address: P.O.Box 11786, Hatfield, 0028 Or • 146a Percy Street, Off Government Avenue, Eastwood, Pretoria • Islamic Guidance Center, Essendene Road, Overport, Durban • MJC, 20 Cashel Avenue, Athlone, Cape Town • Cii Youth Foundation, An Audio lecture with clues will be uploaded Insha Allah View this for now Some help found in the below The Family of the Messenger , the Companions and The Scholars of the Ummah Between them was love Between them was mercy Between them was respect They were not infallible, not angels but they were the best of the best Ibn al Sa’dee said “Love of the Family of the Messenger  is an obligation due to many reasons: They embraced Islam early, they were close to the Messenger  in terms of lineage and He  ordered us to love them”. Imam Malik said that the Salaf use to teach their children the love of Abu Bakr and Umar as they would teach them a surah of the Quran. Ibn Qudamah said “It is from the Sunnah to be pleased with the wives of the Messenger , the mothers of the believers, the pure and innocent. The best of them Khadijah bint Khuwailid and Ayesha al-Sideeqah daughter of al-Sideeq who Allah made innocent in His book, the wife of the Prophet  in this world and the next. Whoever slanders her with regards to what Allah stated she’s innocent of is a disbeliever in Allah. Ibn Kathir said the one who slanders Ayesha after Allah clearing her of all doubt is a disbeliever. Examples of their love for one another: The Messenger  married Ayesha, the daughter of Abu Bakr. The Messenger  married Hafsa, the daughter of Umar. The Messenger  married his two daughters, Ruqayyah and Umm Kulthum to Uthman. The Messenger  married his daughter Fatimah to Ali Ali married his daughter Umm Kulthum to Umar. Abaan, theson of Uthman married Umm al Qasim bint Hasan ibn Hasan ibn Ali. Ali named some of his sons Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman. Hasan had a son named Abu Bakr and one Umar. Musa al Kazim had a daughter named Ayesha, one named umm salamah, a son named Abu Bakr and one Umar. Umar said to Al Abaas “By Allah, your embrace of Islam was dearer to me than even if al-Khataab embraced because your Islam was dearer to the Messenger  than the Islam of al-Khataab” Ibn Kathir said in al-Bidaayah wa al-Nihaayah abut Hasan “and al-Sideeq use to honour, glorify and respect him and so did Umar ibn al-Khatab. Abu Bakr said “By the one in whose hand my soul is, to honour the family of the Messenger  is dearer to me than to honour my family” Ibn Abaas said that Ali said when he entered upon Umar ibn al-Khataab after Umar was stabbed “There is no one’s deeds that I would love to meet Allah with except yours” From the honour and respect of Ali towards Abu Bakr and Umar is that when he was asked by his son Muhammed ibn al-Hanafiyya “Who is best after the Messenger ?” He said “Abu Bakr”. I said “and then who?” He said “then Umar”. I felt he would say Uthman next and so I asked “and then you?” He said “I am only a man from amongst the Muslim Imam Malik said with regards to those who slander the companions of the Messenger  “Verily they wanted to slander the Messenger  but were unable so they slandered his companions so it might be said that he was an evil man and had he been righteous, his companions would have been righteous too” and “Whoever slanders the companions has no share in Islam” “Do not smear the companions for verily your adversary will be the Messenger  tomorrow” said Imam Shafee. Imam Muhammed ibn Abdul wahaab due to his love for the family of the Messenger (saw) named his sons Ali, Hasan, Husain and his daughter Fatima. Imam Ahmed said whoever prefers Ali over Abu Bakr has insulted the Messenger (saw) Abu Zur’ah said the one who curses the companions is a Zindeeq while Imam al Mawardee said his testimony is rejected. Ibn Taymiya said whoever claims all the companions left the fold of Islam but a few after the demise of the Messenger  has himself disbelieved. Know that whoever discredits any of the companions of Muhammed  in reality intends the Muhammed  and causes him distress said Imam Barbahari. Imam Al Aajuree said "Upon the killers of Husain is the curse of Allah... May Allah unite us with the Messenger , His family and companions.

New Arabic Classes

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Difficulty finding a suitable partner? Nobody to help to? Insha Allah Deenclass launches this initiative to help facilitate matters for our brothers and sisters Our guarantee is that we guarantee to help! Fill in the confidential application form and send it back to us Female application forms Male application forms Complete the forms and lets get that Imaan completed Insha Allah! For more info Sisters contact 0728997639 Brothers contact 0844147184

The Winners of the “Family of Muhammed (pbuh) & Companions” Competition will be announced tonight (Thursday, Sep 20th 2010) on Channel Islam International Radio, between 9-10pm!

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All the best to all those who worked hard to fill in the entry forms and may Allah give those who most deserve the prizes their reward!


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Commitee for Dawah in Africa Competition Topic: The Family of the Messenger (pbuh) and his Companions Terms & Conditions:
  • Competition is open to males and females above the age of 20.
  • Place a tick alongside the correct answer only.
  • Answer all questions correctly.
  • Photocopying of the competition is allowed.
  • Only one entry form per person.
  • Closing date for entries: 20th September 2010.
  • Ten winners from each country will be informed via telephone.
  • Prizes one to six: Six fully paid hajj trips.
  • Prize seven: Laptop.
  • Prize eight: Quran learning device.
  • Prizes nine and ten: Mobile phones
Competition conducted in association with Deenclass. IMPORTANT NOTE:  All entrants in the Durban Area must drop-off their Entry Form at Islamic Guidance Centre in Essendene Road, Overport, before 1pm on Monday, 20th September 2010. Johannesburg entrants can drop-off their forms at 146a Percy Street, Off Government Avenue, Eastwood, Pretoria. Alternately, you can post the entry form to P.O.Box 11786, Hatfield, 0028. Unfortunately, Late entries will not be considered.  Call 072 899 7639 for queries TO DOWNLOAD THE COMPETITION QUESTIONAIRE, GO TO THE LINKS BELOW (Both documents need to be downlaoded): FOR A TRANSLATION OF THE QUESTIONAIRE IN ENGLISH, VISIT THIS LINK: TIP: Watch this video for clues to some answers! NEW CLUES!!! Download the Audio below for more clues to the answers... by watching the video clip above and listening to the audio, you will have atleast 90% of the answers! All the best!

DA’WAH AHEAD: No More Excuses

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Alhumdulillah, we are proud to host a well travelled da'ee, Sheikh Mohamed Al-Akkas who is currently visiting South Africa. Sheikh Mahomed is fluent in English as well as Arabic. He studied electronics and computers in the USA and also worked and lived there. He travelled extensively for the purpose of Da'wah. The Sheikh was instrumental in the da'wah program initiated and implemented in the 1st Gulf War to US Marines and alhumdulilah, about 7500 US Marines reverted to Islam! The sheikh is also a comparative religion specialist and conducts the following programs : - da'wah lectures / discusssions to non Muslims - da'wah train the da'ee or trainer workshops. - problem- cause-solution workshop in general and specific to da'wah. - motivational speaker - general talks on da'wah subject matters The Sheikh brings wealth of experience and wisdom and it will be an opportunity not to be missed insha Allah.

Happy Homes (15 June 2010)

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Delicious Fiqh – The Fiqh of Food (8 June 2010)

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The Weekly Dosage – June 2010

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MUST SEE VIDEO! “The Goodly Life” by Sheikh Muhammad Mukhtar Ash-Shinqitee